Technical Specifications of MCK models

  • Plastic dilution unit => absence of Eddy currents in a magnetic field: A novel option for ultra-low temperatures measurements in very high magnetic fields
  • Dilution refrigerator insert outer  f =50/76 mm with 50 /76 mm OD IVC including 1K pot
  • f24 mm x 40 mm length useful internal space
  • Greased conical plug for access to the liquid inside the mixing chamber. For measurements outside the mixing chamber an optional conical plug with cold finger is used
  • Three f 10mm clear-shot tubes to IVC
  • Still capacitance level gauge
  • Available as an insert for a Cryogen-free system too (also in combination with a Cryogenic Limited magnet cryostat)


 MCK Models  Tmin (mK) 

 Q @120mK (µW) (inside the MC)

 MCK76-400   <25  400
 MCK50-400   <25  400
 MCK50-100   <25  100
 CF-MCK76-400    <25  400
 CF-MCK50-400  <25  400
 CF-MCK50-100   <25  100