Technical specifications of the DRS Models  1000/2000/4000

  • Dilution refrigerator insert f 220 mm with f 200 mm IVC and f 174 mm gold-plated copper bottom mixing chamber
  • Central 50 mm clear shot access to outside the mixing chamber
  • Three 25 mm ID clear shot tubes to the Helium bath, one extends into the IVC. If required the other two can also be extended to the IVC
  • Capacitance level gauge inside the still
  • Thermometry and thermometry options similar to the CF models
  • 1 K pot bypass valve and twin impedance mixture condensing circuit
  • Radiation shields for all stage
  • Dewar, Helium bath level gauge and controller, transfer lines, coaxial magnet insert
  • Coaxial magnet insert
  • Can be fitted on to a motorized automatic lifting table if necessary


 DRS Models  Tmin (mK)  Q @120mK (µW)
 DRS4000  <5  4000
 DRS2000  5  2500
 DRS1000  6  1300