Leiden Cryogenics provides extra options for our Dilution Refrigerators. 



probe 1  probe 2 Cold insertable probe

The cold insertable probe is loaded in to the dilution refrigerator fully automatically. The arms of the probe are pushed against the plates of the DR unit using a pneumatic actuator. An edge welded bellow is used as load-lock, thus avoiding possibly leaky sliding seals.  The probe shown on the right has a single spindle and 4 guiding rods. The larger 110 mm probe has 2 spindles and 2 guiding rods.


 probe 3  Atomic force and confocal microscopy at 38 mK in a cold-insertable probe!!

 The low vibrations in our fridge and excellent probe alignment enabled us to perform AFM and CFM at an  unprecedented 38 mK at the microscope in a vector magnet of 5-1-1 T. The vibration level was < 5nm RMS  even at 5T. This project was in association with Attocube. Such microscopy attachments are now commercially  available