Technical specifications of our latest line of cryogen-free models – the CF-CS110 series

  • 2 Pulse Tube coolers => Room temperature to base temperature ~ 24 hours with liquid nitrogen pre-cooling
  • DR unit with 490mm diameter mixing chamber plate => Possibility of multiple simultaneous experiments
  • Optional top-loading cold-insertable probes (see later) for quick sample change (110mm or 50mm sample space) -> 8 hours from room temperature to base temperature. Warm-insertable semi-probes also available
  • Up to four 110mm and two 50mm clear shot tubes possible down to the 3K plate (one 110mm and one 50mm being standard) => Multiple parallel experimental probes possible
  • Possibility of inserting the probe into a magnet attached to the Still shield (up to 10T) or the 3K shield (up to 14 Tesla). Vector magnets (either YZ or XYZ) are also available
  • Pt and/or RuO resistance thermometers on all stages. Calibrated resistance thermometer on the mixing chamber plate.  Optional CMN mutual inductance and/or SQUID noise thermometers also available
  • Automatic lifting table for easy mounting of the shields
  • Robust design => High stability and low vibration amplitudes
  • Optional Halcyonics active damping system


 CF-DR Models  Tmin (mK)  Q@100mK (µW)  Q @120mK (µW)
CF-2500 Maglev*  < 8  1800 2500
CF-2000 Maglev  < 8  1400 2000
CF-1400 Maglev  < 8  1000 1400
CF-1000 Maglev  < 8  700 1000

*in development