New motorized probe insertion system

The new motorized probe system uses a long edge-welded bellows, driven by a microprocessor controlled motor, to allow easy insertion/removal of the experimental probe from the cryostat.

Apart from the obvious advantage of being incredibly easy to use this also allows us to build a probe with no sliding seals (which can leak), giving great freedom when it comes to adding/removing wiring, co-axial lines etc...

Two DRS Refrigerators with nuclear demagnetization stage delivered

Two powerful liquid-Helum cooled dilution refrigers of the DRS type have been delivered, one to the TATA Institute in Mumbai and the second to the University of Vienna. Both reached ultra-low temperatures, with 20 microK for the TATA system and 72 microK (in its first test) for the Vienna system. This last one besides a 9T demagnetization magnet also has a 8T-4T vector magnet installed.

2 mW, 5mK Cryogen-Free Dilution Refrigerator for teh CUORE Experiment

We have tested a new Crygen-free dilution refrigerator with two pulsed tube coolers that can circulate 8 mmol/s and has a cooling power of 2 mW at 100 mK and 3 mW at 120 mK with 5.5 mK minimum temperature. This refrigerator, now the most performing CF in the world
will be used to cool 1 ton of crystals for experiments on double beta decay for the CUORE project located in the Gran Sasso tunnel in Italy. It will also cool roughly 20 ton of Lead and Copper needed for the structure and shielding of the crystals.

Record lowest temperature for a CF-Dilution Refrigerator

The CF-2500-Maglev bought by Dr.Will Oliver of MIT-Lincoln lab reached a world record lowest temperature (for a Cryogen-Free dilution refrigerator) of 4.1 mK measured with a CMN magnetic thermometer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).