Leiden Cryogenics B.V. is a company founded in January 1992 by Giorgio Frossati and Alex Kamper.

Prof. Frossati has worked on dilution refrigerators since 1970 having introduced the silver powder heat exchangers, now widely used in all commercial dilution refrigerators. He has also built the most powerful dilution refrigerators in the world for temperatures below 10 mK. His machines obtained several world-record lowest temperatures, down to 2.0 mK in 1977 when he worked at the Centre de Recherche sur les Trés Basses Temperatures of Grenoble

In 1980 he became a Professor of Physics at the University of Leiden where he continued research in quantum fluids and solids and ultra-low temperature techniques. There he built the two most powerful dilution refrigerators for temperatures below 10 mK. One of these machines reached a continuous temperature of 1.85 mK and a record cooling power of 25 micro-Watt at 10 mK.

Leiden Cryogenics moved to a new building in 2007 and has at present 24 people working, 4 physicists one electronic engineer and highly skilled technicians mostly from the famous LIS (Leiden Instrumentmakers School) working on manufacturing various types of dilution refrigerators

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